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Apple’s New iPads

Apple this week has updated a number of different iPads in their range. They have rebranded the older generation 10.5” iPad Pro, now calling it the iPad Air. It keeps the 10.5” form factor, but gains an A12 processor. They have also updated the iPad Mini, now giving it Apple Pencil support.

If you’re a reader and are considering getting an iPad to design with, the time has never been better. If you want to jump in at the high end, the 11 and 12.9” iPad Pro are the best iPad’s money can buy, and love designing on mine. If you’re hesitant, or perhaps don’t want to spend all that money I’d suggest the 10.5” iPad Air. It supports Apple Pencil, and still gives you adequate screen size to illustrate and design with. 

And whatever you do, buy Affinity Designer

Conor Boyle
Pizza And Wifi

Here’s a poster I designed for my favourite pizza place in my city, Green’s Pizza. I often look at the WiFi symbol in the corner of my devices and immediately think about pizza, so I decided to make that symbol look like a slice of the good stuff.

I used Procreate to illustrate, and dropped it over to Affinity Designer to finish off on the layout and typography. This wasn’t a commissioned job, but I did score some free pizza after I sent it to them on social. 

Conor Boyle
Designed On iPad, On A Flight.

Excellent work, by Tracie Ching, one of Adobe’s testers on their new suite of iOS Apps. This poster was created on her iPad on a long flight to SF. I’m not sure what software was used entirely, but she does speak a little about it on an interview over a on 9to5mac.